Welcome to “Fabrics of Life” where my art is all about color - not only as hue, saturation, and brightness but also as defined by different languages, people and landscapes, and the way these “colors” affect us both physically and emotionally. My choice of fabrics and subjects is driven by inspiration, which comes from my varied interests and travels.

I am currently working on the following series:   

1.  “Africa” - the people, animals, landscape, symbols, traditions and beliefs; 
2.  “Asia” – the people, fabrics, symbols and beliefs;
3.  “Fabrics in Motion” – undulating edges and sculptures;
4.  “Postcards from Italy” – a colorful journey; and
5.  “Black & White & Sometimes Red.”

The pieces in the Galleries section were photographed by David Yardley.  I thank him for his generous gift of time and support.
I hope that you enjoy viewing the work of a person with a low threshold for boredom and I would welcome your comments, as well as requests for commissioned pieces or information on pieces on this site.
                                                                             Nicole Yardley

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